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Coco Bales

Gro-Med Coco Coir Bale, the epitome of excellence in gardening mediums. Sourced from premium coconut fibers and meticulously processed, our coco coir bale is a versatile and sustainable solution for all your gardening needs.
Premium Quality Fiber:
Crafted from the finest coconut fibers, our coco coir bale ensures superior quality, providing a wholesome environment for your plants to flourish.
Consistent Size:
Each coco bale is consistently sized, measuring [dimensions], guaranteeing convenience and ease of use in your gardening endeavors.
Sustainable Sourcing:
Gro-Med takes pride in sustainability. Our coco coir is responsibly sourced, making it an eco-friendly choice for conscientious gardeners.

Available Blend Options

Coco Coir

Husk Chips

Coco Crush

Coir Cut Fibre

Suitable to Grow

Container Gardening

Raised Beds

Landscaping Projects
Indoor Plant Cultivation
Hydroponic System