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Coco Husk Chips Brick

Coco Husk Chips Brick

Gro – Med coco bricks are made of compressed, 100% natural coco coir peat. This ecofriendly growing medium is a fantastic soil amendment due to it’s excellent water retention capacity and soil aeration properties. Just add water, brick expands to it’s eventual size of coco peat. Gro-Med coco bricks can be used for all flowering and fruiting plants, herbs, succulents, lawns, topping soil. It is an excellent growing medium for home terrace, rooftop, balcony, vertical, decorative and kitchen gardens. Perfectly suited to fill seed germination trays, plant pots & containers, decorative flower/foliage baskets and garden raised beds.
Product Name Gro-Med Coco Husk Chips bricks
Product Size 4L/8L
Product Packaging Naked Blocks, Shrink Wrapped
Label Gro-Med and Customized Labeling orders are accepted

Available Blend Options

Coco Coir

Husk Chips

Coco Crush

Coir Cut Fibre

Suitable to Grow

Soft Fruits

Cut Flowers



Topping Soil