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The Ultimate Soft Fruit Growing Solution

The Ultimate Soft Fruit Growing Solution

Are you a passionate grower of soft fruits like strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries? Look no further! Gro-Med Coco Grow Bags are meticulously designed to cater to the specific needs of soft fruit cultivators. Our state-of-the-art facilities ensure the highest quality of coco peat, offering your crops the best possible environment from the moment they’re planted.

Why Choose Gro-Med Coco Grow Bags:

We believe in delivering top-quality products that provide the perfect foundation for your soft fruit cultivation.
Our coco grows bags offer consistency and reliability, ensuring a bountiful harvest.
You can trust Gro-Med for sustainable and eco-friendly growing solutions.

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Key Features

Remember, the success of your soft fruit farming relies on the quality of the growing medium. Choose Gro-Med Coco Coir Substrates for a reliable and fruitful cultivation experience.

Choose the Right Blend

Opt for a coco coir substrate blend with a balance of cocopeat, husk chips, coco crush, and coir cut fiber to provide optimal aeration and drainage for soft fruit plants.

Customized Expansion

Select coco grow bags with expansion volumes that suit the specific needs of soft fruits. Customization options allow for tailoring bag sizes to accommodate different varieties.

Washing Type Matters

Consider the washing type of the coco coir substrate. Options include washed, semi-washed, and unwashed. Choose based on your plant's requirements and your cultivation practices.

Shipment Packing Options

Evaluate shipment packing options, including carton boxes with pallets or non-palletized containers. Choose the one that aligns with your logistical preferences.

Quality Packaging

Ensure your coco coir products come in quality packaging, such as UV-treated bags. This protects the substrate during transportation and storage, preserving its integrity for your soft fruit crops.

Suitable for Specific Fruits

Confirm that the coco coir substrate is suitable for the soft fruits you intend to grow, such as tomatoes, bell peppers, strawberries, and cucumbers.

Logo for Certification

Look for products with certifications like OMRI listing, ensuring that the coco coir substrate is 100% pure and sustainable.

We Offer Suitable Products For Your Soft Fruits Farming